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Radiotherapy Systems, Neutron Beam, Epithermal

Definition : Neutron-beam radiotherapy systems designed to deliver a beam of low-energy (epithermal) neutrons. The radiation is usually directed to a tumor site that was previously treated with boron-10 or other suitable neutron capture element that can penetrate the blood brain barrier, selectively target neoplastic cells, and persist therein for suitable periods of time before radiation (e.g., boron neutron capture therapy [BNCT]). The neutrons are captured by the boron and produce charged particles that are capable of damaging or destroying tumor tissue. Currently, this therapy is mostly used to treat malignant gliomas.

Entry Terms : "Radiotherapy Units, Neutron Capture" , "Epithermal Radiotherapy Systems" , "Radiotherapy Systems, Neutron Beam, Low-Energy" , "Low-Energy Neutron Beam Radiotherapy Systems" , "BNCT Systems" , "Neutron Capture Therapy Units" , "Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Units"

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