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Valves, Speech

Definition : Valves designed to provide speaking capabilities to patients after tracheostomy, complete laryngectomy, or to some patients breathing through a ventilator. Valves placed after tracheostomy or in patients under ventilation are usually attached to a tracheostomy tube or the ventilation tube, allowing air inspiration but redirecting the exhaled air through the natural breathing ducts and the vocal cords. Speech valves intended for placement on a fistula between the esophagus and the breathing ducts are also in use; the air from the lungs goes inside of the valve (voice prosthesis) and through the throat, creating a characteristic voice sound known as tracheo-esophageal speech.

Entry Terms : "Assistive Devices" , "Prostheses, Speech" , "Prostheses, Voice" , "Speaking Valves" , "Speech Valves" , "Voice Prostheses" , "Voice Valves"

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