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Monitors, Physiologic, Uterine Activity, Bedside

Definition : Monitors designed for continuous measurement and display of the frequency and intensity of uterus contractions (i.e., uterine activity) that are hard-wired to the mother at the bedside. These monitors consist of a main electronic unit that is capable of acquiring and processing signals from sensors that detect the changes in the abdomen as the uterus contracts; and a display to show the uterine activity. Some devices include ultrasonic transducers to make possible fetal and maternal heart rate monitoring. Bedside uterine activity monitors with external sensors are used at home, in physicians' offices, and sometimes in hospitals prior to childbirth (i.e., antepartum monitors). Monitors that use invasive catheters placed transcervically to determine the frequency and duration of uterine contractions are usually intended for use during labor and childbirth (i.e., intrapartum). Fetal monitors (both antepartum and intrapartum) that can evaluate the fetus status and the uterine activity of the mother are also available.

Entry Terms : "Monitors, Bedside, Uterine Activity" , "Uterine Activity Physiologic Bedside Monitors"

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