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Apheresis Immunoadsorption Columns

Definition : Columns designed to remove abnormal or pathogenic substances from the blood using immunoadsorption techniques during automated apheresis procedures. These columns include adsorption products specific for a given application, such as anti-apolipoprotein B antibodies to reduce the concentration of low-density cholesterol; highly-purified staphylococcal A protein bound to an inert silica matrix to eliminate circulating immune complexes and platelet-specific auto-antibodies; and peptides designed appropriately to remove the pathogenic substances responsible for a given disease. The apheresis technique frequently involves extracorporeal separation of plasma from the cellular blood components and perfusion of the collected plasma over the adsorbent column. Immunoadsorption columns with a specific immunoadsorbent product appropriate for a particular treatment are available, including columns for reduction of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and the removal of pathogenic substances specifically responsible for a given disease.

UMDC code : 17917

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