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Filters, Pheresis

Definition : Filters designed to separate plasma from cellular components during manual or automated procedures performed to separate, collect, and reinfuse blood (i.e., pheresis procedures). These devices are typically a microporous (usually with 0.2- to 0.6-micrometer pores) membrane filter similar to those used in hemodialysis units. Pheresis filters are intended for manual procedures and/or in automated pheresis (e.g., plasmapheresis, leukapheresis) units used in healthy blood donors and/or for therapeutic purposes (e.g., treatment of blood diseases and cancer). Dedicated filters intended for the removal of bacteria, microorganisms, and/or particles are also used in pheresis procedures.

Entry Terms : "Leukapheresis Filters" , "Pheresis Filters"

UMDC code : 17850

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