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Ovens, Laboratory, Microwave, Plasma-Thawing

Definition : Microwave laboratory ovens designed for defrosting (i.e., thawing) frozen plasma. These ovens usually consist of a metallic box with a microwave generator that delivers an electromagnetic field with frequencies in the range of the microwaves (typically around 2.45 GHz); a chest-type chamber with an upper door or, less frequently, a conventional front door oven intended for appropriate placing of frozen plasma bags; and accurate time and power controls that may perform pre-programmed warming cycles. Plasma-thawing microwave ovens are used in blood banks, healthcare facilities, and in clinical laboratories.

Entry Terms : "Thawing Units, Plasma" , "Defrosters, Plasma" , "Plasma Thawing Units" , "Plasma Defrosters" , "Microwave Ovens, Plasma-Thawing"

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CytoTherm Sets a New Standard For Digitally-ControlledĀ  Dry andĀ Conventional Water Thawing Baths. They are Convenient, Sterile and Reliable. Backed by Over 20 Years of Service and Advancements,They Remain the Number One Choice in Plasma Thawing Systems!

Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc

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Hacker Instruments & Industries Inc have served the laboratory community with high quality instrumentation since 1942. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible tools to increase production, improve quality, contain costs and enhance the laboratory environment.

MKS Instruments Inc

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MKS Instruments, Inc. is a global provider of instruments, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, control, power, monitor and analyze critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes to improve process performance and productivity.

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