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Laser Beam Imaging Media

Definition : Imaging media (e.g., screens, plates) with appropriate frequency response to permit safe visualization of laser beams in the visible spectrum. These devices may consist of a phosphorous screen that emits light in the visible spectrum (e.g., orange-red spectrum, 600-730 nm) when a laser beam in the near-infrared (e.g., diode, Nd:YAG) or visible spectrum with wavelength lower than 600 nm (e.g., argon, He:Ne, double-frequency Nd:YAG) impinges on the screen; the screen has a high persistence, allowing the observation of both continuous and pulsed laser beams. Devices configured as handheld cards and clip-on or tabletop-mounted units are available; similar devices intended for visualization of ultraviolet (UV) laser beams (e.g., excimer, nitrogen) are also available. Imaging media using other techniques are also available, including image plates that produce a real-time image of infrared laser beams using thermal-sensitive phosphorous plates and a UV light lamp and glasses that convert UV or infrared light into visible light. Imaging media devices are used mainly as a simpler means of obtaining visual images of laser beams for alignment and/or checking purposes.

Entry Terms : "Laser Beam Analysis Systems" , "Paper, Laser Beam Pattern" , "Laser Beam Pattern Paper" , "Thermal Imaging Plates"

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Kentek Corp

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The KENTEK CORPORATION has been a full-service laser company since 1983. Our three divisions, Laser Safety Products, Laser Components, and Laser Accessories, offer a complete range of laser products, services, and accessories.

Macken Instruments Inc

Company Type: Parent

Macken Instruments began 37 years ago as a pioneer in laser test equipment. John Macken founded the company (originally Optical Engineering) to provide tools not yet available to laser researchers and technicians. From the beginning, Macken Instruments has focused on reliable, accurate, and easy to use equipment.We are located in Santa Rosa, California about one hour north of San Francisco but serve a global customer base with the majority of our sales overseas. Our customers are located in over 33 countries, and include such industry leaders as: Rofin Sinar, Coherent, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, Boston Scientific, GE Nuclear, UC Berkeley Lawrence Labs, II-VI, Trumpf, NIST, and Caterpillar.

Rockwell Laser Industries

Company Type: Parent

Rockwell Laser Industries (RLI) is a worldwide provider of laser education and training, laser consulting services and laser safety products to industrial, medical and aethetic facilities.

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