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Knives, Surgical, Multipurpose, Scalpel, Electrothermal Cautery

Definition : Multipurpose surgical scalpels designed with a blade that can be resistively (i.e., electrothermally) heated through the scalpel handle using an external source of electric power. These scalpels consist of an electrothermally heated blade and an appropriate handle with electrodes. The instrument is externally attached through cables to a dedicated electric power source that may include controls for the electric power supplied to the scalpel and also for the blade temperature. Electrothermal cautery scalpels are used to provide simultaneous hemostasis to the cutting action of the scalpel.

Entry Terms : "Electrothermal Cautery Scalpels" , "Knives, Scalpel, Hemostatic" , "Hemostatic Electrothermal Cautery Probes" , "Scalpels, Hemostatic"

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Hemostatix Medical Technologies LLC

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The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel is a proven technology that has been used in over 500,000 surgical procedures. The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel can be used cold, but when heated it does what no cold blade can – it reduces bleeding by as much as 60 percent by sealing the blood vessels along an incision

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