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Clip Appliers, Vascular

Definition : Clip appliers designed to deliver atraumatic clips intended for temporary or permanent occlusion of blood arteries and/or veins, frequently to stop and/or prevent bleeding (i.e., hemostasis). These appliers are typically a metal, forceps-like instrument with flat curved ends appropriate to hold and deliver the clips; some appliers may be used to deliver small (e.g., bulldog-type) clamps. Vascular clip appliers are used mainly to deliver clips for temporary vessel occlusion and/or bleeding arrest (i.e., hemostasis) during open surgical procedures; some clips may be used as permanent implants. They are available as reusable devices or as disposable instruments intended for a single procedure (e.g., artery hemostasis, scalp vessel occlusion).

Entry Terms : "Hemostatic Clip Appliers" , "Vessel Clip Appliers" , "Vascular Clip Appliers" , "Appliers, Hemostatic Clip"

UMDC code : 17685

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