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Definition : Equipment designed to provide optimum conditions for microorganisms and/or cell fermentation processes (including culture) under controlled, frequently anaerobic, conditions. This equipment typically consists of a main unit (also known as a bioreactor) and a reusable or single-use (i.e., disposable) fermentation chamber (also known as a vessel). The main unit is an electromechanical apparatus with a mechanism (e.g., stirring, shaking, rocking, waving) that provides movement to the fermenter chamber (vessel), a heating system (e.g., heat exchanger, water-jacket), and process controls. The unit may also include other devices, such as pumps, mixing devices, and grinders. Fermenters/bioreactors are used in laboratory procedures performed on bacteria, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms and/or in plant, insect, and mammal cells (including human cells); some bioreactors are used in industrial procedures including manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Small equipment used in research laboratories are usually called fermenters while larger equipment used in industrial installations are mainly known as bioreactors. Dedicated equipment intended for use only in microbiology and/or cell culture as well as equipment that works using single-use (i.e., disposable) fermentation chambers is available.

Entry Terms : "Bioreactors" , "Fermenters" , "Fermentors"

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Bellco Glass, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of laboratory glassware and equipment.

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