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Procedure Kit/Trays, Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement

Definition : Prepackaged collections of the devices and supplies (i.e., either custom or standard kits) needed for delivering aqueous and vitreous humor replacement. Items in these kits usually include syringes, needles, anesthetics, and the replacement media. The kits are frequently supplied in supporting trays (i.e., procedure trays) consisting of a flat-bottomed receptacle with a border around the periphery supporting all the instruments and supplies needed for the procedure; the trays are usually covered or wrapped. Aqueous/vitreous humor replacement procedure kits and trays are intended for use during procedures for delivering the artificial fluid or semi-fluid substance used to replace the aqueous or vitreous humor within the eye. They are used in hospitals, ophthalmological clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Entry Terms : "Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement Media Kits" , "Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement Procedure Kit/Trays"

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Lifecore Biomedical, LLC is dedicated to the development of technically advanced products that offer long-term compatibility with the human body. Since 1965, thousands of patients worldwide have benefited from Lifecore's purposeful innovations in ophthalmology and orthopedics.

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