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Surgical Retractor Kits, Brain

Definition : Surgical retractor kits designed for use during procedures in the brain (cerebrum and cerebellum) and/or other intracranial structures. These kits typically consist of a collection of devices, instruments, and supplies that are coupled together for temporary separation and retention of brain tissue and associated tissue, exposing and/or giving access to the appropriate intracranial tissues without manual support once they are set (i.e., self-retained). Brain retractor kits may consist of a system that includes a set of detachable tapered blunt blades that are placed in adjustable, flexible retractor arms coupled to bars. The arms can be attached either to the skull clamp or the surgical table using a mechanical coupler (e.g., Greenburg, Rhoton-Merz retractors). Brain retractor kits may also consist of a combination of a scissor-like swivel retractor (with two blades at the distal end) that includes a ratchet mechanism for self-retention; adjustable round bars for fixation to the table; and a set of detachable malleable blades (e.g., Jannetta retractors). Retractor kits with other configurations are also available. Brain retraction kits provide assistance to the surgeon during intracranial procedures, including treatment of aneurysms and excision of tumors. Also available are brain retractor kits that use appropriate blades or dedicated retractor kits for retention of the cerebellum (e.g., for tumor resection, decompression of the trigeminal nerve).

Entry Terms : "Brain Retractor Kits" , "Cerebellum Retractor Kits" , "Cerebrum Retractor Kits" , "Posterior Fossa Retractor Kits" , "Rhoton-Merz Brain Retractor Sets"

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