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Definition : Instruments designed to measure testicular volume. These instruments typically are manual, handheld instruments (e.g., Prader orchidometers) that measure testicular volume by comparison with a string of calibrated plastic or wooden ovoid beads in increasing volumes (typically from 1 to 25 mL). Punched-out (Takihara) orchidometers usually comprising a series of 16 punched-out ellipses of varying sizes that fit over the testis, calipers, and ultrasound devices are also available for measuring testicular volume. Orchidometers are intended mainly for measurement of testicular volume in growing boys and abnormal testicular volume in men due to genetic defects (e.g., primary or secondary hypogonadism) or after some clinical or surgical procedures.

Entry Terms : "Seager Orchidometers" , "Punched-ring Orchidometers" , "Punched-Out Orchidometers" , "Takihara Orchidometers" , "Prader Orchidometers" , "Testicular Volume Measuring Instruments"

UMDC code : 17608

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