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Transmitter/Receiver Systems, Telephone

Definition : Communication systems designed to transmit and receive electrical signals through telephone channels. These systems typically include at the transmitting site an electronic device (e.g., a modem) that modifies signals from medical (e.g., external, ambulatory, implanted) devices such as physiologic monitors or recorders and makes them transmissable through telephone lines. At the receiving end, another electronic device (i.e., the receiver) processes the incoming signal and provides an output signal appropriate for display on physiologic monitors (e.g., central station), recording, and/or further transmission and processing by healthcare information systems. Telephonic transmitter/receiver systems are typically used to send signals from patients' homes or remote locations to hospital and other healthcare facilities using standard and/or cellular telephone lines. Systems intended for transmission of multiple physiologic signals are available; dedicated systems used for specific signals (e.g., electrocardiography, electroencephalography) are also available.

Entry Terms : "Telephone Transmitter/Receiver Systems"

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