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Bone Matrix Implants

Definition : Implants obtained from biological sources or made of artificial (i.e., synthetic) materials to provide osteoconductive bone tissue scaffolds (i.e., bone matrix). These matrix implants may be obtained from donor sites of the same person (i.e., autograft), from other individuals (i.e., allograph, typically from cadavers), and, less frequently, from animals (i.e., xenograph); synthetic bone matrix implants are typically made of ceramics (e.g., tricalcium phosphate, hydroxyapatite) and, less frequently, of bioactive glasses or biodegradable polymers. These implants are used to fill cystic defects, to repair fractures of the tibial plateau, and to extend autogenous bone grafts, as well as in dental procedures (e.g., to treat periodontal degeneration and gingival recession).

Entry Terms : "Prostheses, Bone Matrix"

UMDC code : 17600

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