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Brushes, Dental, Prophylaxis, Vacuum-Supplemented

Definition : Dental brushes designed for connection to a suction unit to facilitate simultaneous manual cleaning (i.e., prophylaxis) of teeth and removal of fluid and particles from the mouth. These brushes typically consist of a hollow-handle evacuating brush that may be connected via a flexible tube to a healthcare facility vacuum outlet or to a dedicated portable suction unit. Vacuum-supplemented manual brushes permit the removal of debris, plaque, bacteria, and fluid from the mouth during dental procedures; they are also used in people who are unable to swallow or have difficulty swallowing and expectorating and/or in emergency situations.

Entry Terms : "Vacuum-Supplemented Dental Brushes" , "Toothbrushes, Vacuum-Supplemented" , "Vacuum Toothbrushes" , "Vac-U-Brushes"

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ASI Medical Inc

Company Type: Parent

ASI Medical was founded with the purpose of developing mobile dental delivery systems that allow dentists the ability to easily set up a dental office without the cost of specialized dental plumbing and construction delays. ASI began operations in 1994 with the initial product line of self-contained mobile dental equipment or portable dental equipment and carts with a built in air compressor, suction and a closed water supply for complete operation from just a standard electrical outlet. ASI is now recognized as the highest quality manufacturer of mobile and portable dental equipment with optimal performance, longevity and sound level.

Grobet USA

Company Type: Parent

We understand that there are special applications in specific fields, and some of the items we provide can be customized to your requirements. Most of our products meet or exceed United States government military specifications. Most electrically operated products can be ordered for use with either 110 volt or 220 volt currents.The name Grobet has always stood for quality and reliability. This is a standard that all of our products and services continue to live up to.

Medi-Crush Co

Company Type: Parent

Bill Elkins, a registered pharmacist in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, founded the Medi-Crush Company in 1975. The first product sold was referred to as the "Medi-Crush." This simple, yet revolutionary product, allowed for crushing medication into a powder form for easier consumption.

1-3 of 3 Match(es).