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Analyzers, Physiologic, Neuromuscular Function, Functional Age

Definition : Neuromuscular function physiologic analyzers designed to evaluate several biological measures (i.e., biomarkers) that assess biological states that are essential for activities of daily living, thus characterizing the functional age of a person. The analyzers evaluate both neurologic (e.g., memory, reaction times) and physical conditions (e.g., hearing, vision, tactile, lung functions) and compare the results with standard values from healthy people adjusted for sex and age to show the biomarkers' decline in a given person. The set of biomarkers (typically about 12) chosen is related to those conditions that are involved in mental and physical activities that better characterize normal day-to-day living. These analyzers typically consist of a set of measuring instruments and transducers (e.g., headphones, lenses, vibrometers, spirometers) and a panel with push buttons to evaluate the physiologic parameters and reaction times. The analyzer also includes a computer with appropriate software to calculate and provide the results including a value of the functional age for comparison with the chronological age. Functional-age physiologic analyzers are used to assess the status of a person, facilitating the development of programs for lifestyle, diet, exercise, and/or other therapeutic (e.g., use of assistive devices) actions needed to improve daily living of aging people.

Entry Terms : "Age-Related Functional Capacity Evaluation" , "Functional Age Physiologic Analyzers"

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