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Pumps, Irrigation, Catheter

Definition : Irrigation pumps designed to deliver liquids to a body cavity or other specific area of the body using a catheter. These pumps typically consist of a central unit with a pumping (e.g., peristaltic) mechanism; a control (e.g., a valve, clamp, manual or foot-switch) to regulate the rate of the irrigation; and detachable (frequently disposable) tubing appropriate. Automated catheter irrigation pumps are frequently used to irrigate body tracts (e.g., urinary, biliary) with no easy external access; some dedicated pumps are used as a component of therapeutic (e.g., radiofrequency) systems for cooling the tip of the catheter during minimally invasive catheterization procedures (e.g., cardiac ablation).

Entry Terms : "Catheter Irrigation Pumps"

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