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Catheters, Vascular, Angioplasty, Thermal, Electrically-Heated

Definition : Thermal angioplasty catheters that use an electrical (e.g., radiofrequency) energy source to heat a metal cap or band; the cap typically encloses the distal tip of the catheter, while the metal band is placed around the catheter. They are used for thermal compression and ablation of the atheromatous plaque inside the vessels, except for heavily calcified plaque. These units do not deliver electric current to the tissues. Tip temperatures can exceed 400 degrees Celsius, allowing plaque to be vaporized, melted, or otherwise reformed. Electrically heated thermal angioplasty catheters are used mainly to open total occlusions or high-grade stenoses in peripheral arteries; they may also be used to facilitate balloon angioplasty, based on the assumption that thermal ablation improves clinical success and reduces the rate of complications and restenosis.

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