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Procedure Kit/Trays, Drainage, Biliary

Definition : Prepackaged collections of the devices and supplies (either custom or standard) needed for draining the yellow-green fluid that is made by the liver and stored in the gallbladder (i.e., bile). Items in these kits usually include a drainage bag, a sterile dressing, gauze, alcohol swabs, gloves, and clamps; frequently the kits also include the appropriate catheters. The kits may be supplied in supporting trays (i.e., procedure trays) consisting of a flat-bottomed receptacle with a border around the periphery supporting all the instruments and supplies needed for the procedure; the trays are usually covered or wrapped. Typically one end of the drainage catheter is inserted into the biliary bladder or ducts to stay there and the other end is connected to an external drainage bag permanently or temporarily. Biliary drainage procedure kits and trays are intended for external drainage of bile.

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Boston Scientific Corp

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In 1969, fascinated by the possibility of bringing pioneering medical devices and treatments to patients across the world, John Abele joined Medi-Tech, a company that was developing alternatives to traditional surgery. Pete Nicholas was looking for an investment, and when he met John, the pieces came together.

Marlen Mfg & Development Co

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MARLEN has been a leading innovator in ostomy care. Offering an extensive line ofone-piece and two-piece systems for Ileostomies (drainable), Colostomies (closed end) and Urostomies, MARLEN has always strived to provide the highest quality products while meeting the comfort and security needs of our customers.

UreSil LLC

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Uresil is a medical device development, manufacturing and distribution company that serves the needs of physicians who perform minimally invasive procedures.

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