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Definition : Ophthalmic devices designed for the diagnosis of binocular vision (e.g., strabismus, amblyopia, diplopia) by assessing the patient's perception of pictures. These devices include lenses, mirrors, a slide carrier of images, and a mechanism that permits the device to move in different directions (e.g., diverging, converging, vertical, horizontal, rotation) for the slide presentation, a light source, and automatic or manual flashing controls to provide alternate illumination. Synoptophores are used to assess three types of binocular vision: (1) simultaneous perception, (2) fusion, and (3) depth perception (stereopsis). Synoptophores are used mainly in the diagnosis of binocular vision impairments such as strabismus, amblyopia, or diplopia.

Entry Terms : "Synoptiscopes" , "Optomyometers" , "Diplopiometers" , "Troposcopes"

UMDC code : 17535

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