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Leads, External Cardiac Pacemaker, Transesophageal

Definition : External cardiac pacemaker invasive leads designed to conduct electrical pacing signals from the pulse generator of an external pacemaker through the esophagus and into the heart. Some leads may also conduct the bioelectric cardiac signals back to the unit. These leads typically consist of flexible wires that are completely isolated except at the electrode tip. Transesophageal pacemaker leads are configured according to the pacemaker characteristics and/or the technique used for signal delivery to the heart. A variety of lead systems, including single- and multiple-lead is available. Lead size, connector type, and other characteristics of the leads must be compatible with the pulse generator and the therapy prescribed. Endocardial external cardiac pacemaker leads are used in temporary procedures (e.g., surgery, emergency, electrophysiology studies).

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CardioCommand Inc

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CardioCommand, Inc. is the leading innovator of medical devices that perform temporary cardiac monitoring and pacing by integrating patented electronic technology with electrode catheters in the human esophagus. The Company's products have been used successfully on tens of thousands of patients. Over 20 leading institutions throughout the country and internationally have performed clinical trials and written articles in leading medical journals, affirming the effectiveness of CardioCommand's products.

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