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Radiotherapy Block Shield Mold Cutting Equipment

Definition : Equipment designed to cut molds used for manufacturing custom-made block shields used in radiotherapy treatments. This equipment typically consists of a cutting mechanism (e.g., a hot wire) that conforms the molding material (e.g., Styrofoam) to the appropriate shape needed for body protection (i.e., shielding) from unwanted radiation during the radiotherapy procedure. It also includes appropriate controls for accurate cutting following a pre-established pattern. Following a computer assisted and manufacturing (i.e., CAD/CAM) procedure, cutting may be performed either manually or automatically using equipment with computerized capabilities. This computerization allows the technician to use data obtained from radiotherapy simulation systems and appropriate software. The molds produced by this equipment are intended to manufacture radiotherapy block shields made of low-melting alloy materials in radiation therapy mold rooms.

Entry Terms : "Cutting Equipment, Radiotherapy Block Shield Mold" , "Radiotherapy Beam Block Shaping Systems"

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Multidata Systems International Corp

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Multidata Systems has been providing medical physics solutions for radiation oncology since 1980. Multidata designs, builds, markets, and supports systems for treatment planning, virtual simulation, beam shaping, and beam scanning & quality assurance.

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