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Analyzers, Laboratory, Hematology, Erythrocyte Aggregation

Definition : Laboratory blood analyzers used to evaluate the adhesion of red cells (erythrocytes) to one another. Erythrocyte aggregation analyzers typically determine aggregation indirectly by measuring the changes in light transmission with a photometer, while the flow velocity of a blood sample is adjusted over the range of interest. By applying and releasing mechanical shear forces to the blood, high enough to cause total disaggregation, they make it possible to assess the difference between normal and pathological red cell aggregation. These analyzers are an alternative to erythrocyte sedimentation rate analysis, with some potential advantages, such as a smaller blood sample and faster screening of some disease risks (e.g., cardiovascular disease).

Entry Terms : "Erythrocyte Aggregation Analyzers" , "Aggregometers"

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