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Valves, Automatic Shutoff, Heart-Lung Bypass

Definition : Valves designed for use near the filter in tubing sets intended for external delivery of blood from a heart-lung bypass unit to a patient. These valves automatically prevent the buildup of excess vacuum pressure when blood is suctioned from the heart or the surgical field and/or in retrograde blood flow that may cause the entrainment of air at the catheter site, suture holes, and open vessels. These devices are typically valves with unidirectional flow properties (e.g., a duckbill check valve). The valve is typically configured to offer nominal resistance to blood being returned to the patient while blocking blood flow from the patient to the heart-lung machine, preventing retrograde flow in the arterial line (more frequently when using a centrifugal pump). Heart-lung bypass automatic shut-off valves are used in tubing sets designed for use in heart-lung bypass procedures to help prevent inadvertent retrograde flow and delivery of air into the heart.

UMDC code : 17463

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