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IVD Test Reagent/Kits, Chromatography, Thin-Layer

Definition : Reagents intended for chromatography tests using a thin layer of the support particles spread on a flat glass or plastic plate; the mobile phase travels up the plate by capillary action. Thin-layer chromatography reagents are frequently used in the clinical laboratory to identify trace quantities of substances (e.g., therapeutic or toxic drugs) in body fluids.

Entry Terms : "Chromatography Reagents, Thin Layer" , "Thin-Layer Chromatography Reagents" , "Drug-of-Abuse Determination Reagents" , "Reagents, Chromatography, Thin-Layer"

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Analtech Inc

Company Type: Parent

Founded in 1961, Analtech, Inc. is the only U.S.-based manufacturer of Thin Layer Chromatography Plates. The Company has expanded it's offerings to include HPLC columns, SPE cartridges and other chromatography realted proucts.

Helena Laboratories Corp

Company Type: Parent

Helena Laboratories is a clinical laboratory instrument and reagent manufacturer. Our clients include major medical centers, small hospitals, large reference laboratories and small private doctor's laboratories.

Polysciences Inc

Company Type: Parent

The company was founded in 1961 to provide sample preparation products for electron microscopy as nano-scale samples were starting to reveal new knowledge. Embedding products were added for histology (the study of tissue) applications soon after, enabling tissue embedment in plastic blocks, in addition to paraffin. Dyes and stains were developed to implement better visualization of the samples. In cooperation with federal agencies, monodisperse polymeric microspheres were developed for diagnostic kit applications.

1-3 of 3 Match(es).