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Flowmeters, Blood, Laser

Definition : Blood flowmeters designed to measure blood flow using the Doppler principle applied to a laser beam. These flowmeters typically consist of a laser source (e.g., diode laser) and a fiberoptic cable to transmit the monochromatic light to a probe that illuminates the tissue under testing. The light reflected by the tissue is sent back through a second cable to a photodetector in the measuring instrument; the light frequency shift is a measure of the blood flow velocity (Doppler effect). Laser flowmeters can measure perfusion in the superficial portion of any tissue or inside the tissue if a small probe is inserted below the surface of the tissue. The instruments are available in single and dual-channel configurations; they are frequently used during surgical and endoscopic procedures.

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Transonic Systems Inc

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Founded in 1983, Transonic SystemsTM is the industry leader in biomedical flow measurement innovation & quality. Our transit-time ultrasound and ultrasound dilution technologies are the recognized gold standards in cardiovascular surgery, research and hemodialysis.

Vasamed Inc

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Vasamed, Inc. specializes in noninvasive diagnostic tools for identifying critical circulatory conditions. Their technologically advanced products can help improve patient outcomes by quickly, cost-effectively and noninvasively measuring hemodynamic parameters in a clinic or office-based setting.

1-2 of 2 Match(es).