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Sterilizing Units, Dry Heat, Inoculating Loop/Needle

Definition : Dry heat sterilizing units designed for total elimination of microorganisms from laboratory inoculating loops and/or needles. These devices usually consist of a dedicated tabletop unit with a small open chamber (e.g., an open cone or cylinder) to accommodate the needle or loop and a source of heat (e.g., infrared lamp, electric heaters) that provides a temperature high enough (815 degrees Celsius/1,500 degrees Fahrenheit) to incinerate the microorganisms in few seconds. The sterilizing units are used in clinical laboratories to sterilize inoculating loops and needles, avoiding the risks of open flame sterilization.

Entry Terms : "Needle Sterilizers" , "Needle Sterilizing Incinerators" , "Inoculating Loop Sterilizers" , "Inoculating Loop Incinerators" , "Sterilizers, Inoculating Loop" , "Incinerators, Inoculating Loop"

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