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Denture Base Resin Kits

Definition : Prepackaged kits (either standard or custom) containing the resins and other devices and/or materials needed to prepare and manufacture complete or partial removable dental prosthesis (i.e., denture) bases. These kits usually include, in addition to the resin monometer (typically an acrylic monometer of methyl methacrylate), a catalyst intended for polymerization of the monometer and products such as pigments, plasticizers, and/or devices (e.g., flasks, clamps). Denture base resin kits are used in dental laboratories; dedicated kits are available both with resins that polymerize when heat is added (i.e., heat cured resins) and with resins that polymerize without the addition of heat (i.e., self-cured, also called cold-cured resins).

Entry Terms : "Dental Resinous Compound Kits, Denture Base"

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