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Prophylactic Units, Dental

Definition : Dental equipment designed to dislodge plaque, calculus, and stain from teeth. These devices typically consist of an electronic unit that includes a generator that may operate at sonic (6 kHz is typical) or ultrasonic frequencies (from 25 to 42 kHz), a water spray, a handpiece with a probe that includes interchangeable specialized tips (e.g., universal, periodontal, sickle [for fine debridement and/or sensitive teeth]), a switch, and a cable to connect the handpiece to the generator. Dental prophylactic units are intended for preventive dentistry; they are used for prophylactic periodontal, pedodontic, and orthodontic procedures. Dedicated units using sonic and/or ultrasonic frequencies are available.

Entry Terms : "Dental Irrigators"

UMDC code : 16692

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