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Definition : Solutions of purified water (i.e., excluding inorganic contaminants and microorganisms) with an electrolyte composition similar to blood, that are mainly intended for use in the dialyzer of hemodialysis machines. The dialysate interacts with the patient blood in the dialyzer (usually through membranes) to remove metabolic waste and also as an ion source to maintain the appropriate concentrations of electrolytes and pH level in blood before returning it to the patient; acetate, or more, frequently bicarbonate is included in the dialysate as a buffering agent. Dedicated dialysate solutions intended for other dialysis procedures, such as peritoneal dialysate (a solution that is hyperosmolar relative to plasma and uses lactate as buffer) and hepatic dialysate, are also available. Dialysate is usually discarded after use in a dialysis procedure.

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