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Prostheses, Cranium Hair

Definition : Prostheses designed to replace missing hair from the scalp (i.e., cranium) in individuals with cranial hair loss. These prostheses typically consist of a cap intended for attachment of the hair; strings of hair (wefts), made of either natural or synthetic hair, that are sewed to the cap; and adjustable tapes (e.g., elastic, Velcro) in the back to allow wig adjustment on the cranium. Hair prostheses are available in a variety of sizes (e.g., from 21.5 to 22.5 inches in diameter) and hair colors, textures, and lengths intended to totally or partially cover the cranium. Cranium hair prostheses are intended to restore and/or modify the physical appearance of the body, protect the cranium against ultraviolet radiation, and to help in the regulation of body temperature in patients suffering from alopecia that may be secondary to other diseases (e.g., cancer).

Entry Terms : "Scalp Hair Prostheses" , "Wigs" , "Cranium Hair Prostheses" , "Hair Prostheses" , "Prostheses, Hair" , "Cosmetic Implant/Prostheses"

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