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Mirrors, Visual Feedback Therapy

Definition : Mirrors designed to provide visual feedback to patients with an amputated or semi-paralyzed limb. These devices, commonly known as mirror boxes, typically consist of a box open on one side and on the top with a mirror dividing the box in half. The front of the box contains two arm or leg holes; the patient places the disabled limb inside one opening of the mirror box, obscuring it from view and the unaffected limb in the side facing the mirror. The patient moves the working limb and watches its reflection in the mirror; the reflection of the working limb creates the illusion of the disabled limb appearing as if it were fully intact and moving as well. Repetitive use of these mirrors is intended to provide visual feedback and modify the patient brain response. Visual feedback therapy mirrors are used to accelerate recovery from phantom limb pain and for rehabilitation following stroke, limb injury, or surgery.

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North Coast Medical Inc

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North Coast Medical, Inc. specializes in supplying products to the rehabilitation industry as a manufacturer, direct importer and wholesale distributor. Frank and Loretta Biehl founded North Coast Medical in 1974 with one desire: to help therapists gain accessibility to products. Initially, the business began distribution of occupational therapy and hand therapy products out of a small office, utilizing the family garage as an extended warehouse.

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