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Dialyzers, Hemodialysis, Hollow Fiber, High-Permeability

Definition : Hollow-fiber hemodialysis dialyzers whose design includes hollow fiber membranes with relatively large pore size and increased surface areas resulting in a higher permeability membrane than standard dialyzers. High permeability dialyzers permit higher removal rates [(defined as having an in vitro ultrafiltration coefficient ([Kuf)] greater than 8 milliliters per hour per conventional millimeter of mercury)] than those possible with standard hollow-fiber membrane dialyzers. These dialyzers typically consist of cylindrical containers with a few thousand longitudinally arranged hollow-fiber capillary tubes; the tube walls work as a semi -permeable membrane. Blood enters and exits through the ends of the hollow fibers and travels through their lumens, while the dialysate flows through the container outside of the fibers. High-permeability hollow-fiber hemodialysis dialyzers are typically used for fast cleansing of a patient's blood from impurities caused by acute failure of the kidneys due to drug overdose or poisoning; their use has increased in new hemodialysis machines used in conventional treatments.

Entry Terms : "Dialyzers, Hemodialysis, High-Permeability" , "Dialyzers, High-Flow" , "Dialyzers, High-Flux" , "Dialyzers, High-Permeability"

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