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Denture Anchors

Definition : Dental devices designed to support (i.e., anchor) a removable denture in the oral cavity. These anchors are usually fixed to a natural support such as a tooth (e.g., extracoronal anchor) or the gingiva acting as a retaining component; the anchors may be also fixed to dental implants (e.g., ball-and-bar anchors). Denture anchors usually include locking capabilities (e.g., nuts, soldering caps, castable threads); they are intended to support a variety of (either rigid or resilient) dentures and overdentures with different characteristics, provided that the denture-locking component matches the anchor design. Dedicated denture anchors may be used as the fixed component of a two-component dental attachment for dentures.

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Almore International Inc

Company Type: Parent

For over 60 years Almore International has prided itself on introducing quality, innovative and unique products to the dental industry. The uniqueness of Almore's product line began in 1946 with the introduction of the Binocular Headband Loupe by Dr. Arne Lauritzen and company founder Alvin Moore. Two examples of Almore's extensive list of trademark products are the Richwil Crown & Bridge Remover and the Endo Ring

Essential Dental Systems Inc

Company Type: Parent

At Essential Dental Systems we develop and manufacture innovative Dental products designed specifically to get results quickly and effectively without the anxiety and stress associated with most techniques and instruments marketed to you today

Sterngold Dental LLC

Company Type: Parent

Sterngold Dental, LLC is the union of two strong companies with impressive dental histories: APM-Sterngold and ImplaMed. Sterngold was founded in 1897 as a fabricator of precious alloys, and is credited as among the first to produce consistently formulated and alloyed dental casting golds. ImplaMed was created by a company specializing in the micro-machining of sophisticated implantable devices for medical and dental products manufactories.

Zest Anchors LLC

Company Type: Parent

ZEST Anchors has been a global leader in the manufacturing of overdenture attachments. The original ZEST Anchor Attachment was developed in 1972 by Max Zuest at his dental laboratory in San Diego, California. Forty years later, our departed founder Max is remembered for his vision as a pioneer in dentistry.

1-4 of 4 Match(es).