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Catheters, Rectal

Definition : Catheters designed to be introduced into the rectum; some of them are long enough to be advanced and have their distal tip located in the proximal portion of the colon. These catheters are usually made of rubber or silicone rubber. Most rectal catheters are used for rectal injections; for the purpose of clearing out the bowel; for administration of drugs, contrast media, or food; or for manometric measurements. Some of these catheters are also used in the management of continent ileostomy.

Entry Terms : "Rectal Catheters" , "Hemostatic Catheters" , "Anorectal Catheters" , "Catheters, Irrigation" , "Catheters, Hemostatic" , "Catheters, Rectal, Continuous Ileostomy"

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