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Dispensers, Laboratory, Antibiotic Sensitivity Disk

Definition : Laboratory dispensers designed to store and deliver disks intended for antibiotic sensitivity tests. These dispensers are composed of two parts, a specially constructed stand and dispensing equipment. They release antibiotic sensitivity disks from cartridge rolls in the container to a receptacle provided with wells for receiving the disks. Antibiotic sensitivity disk dispensers have the advantage of spacing the disks regularly on the inoculated plates with minimal opportunity for contamination. Some of them are made of a combination of tempered aluminum and stainless steel, enabling rough handling, refrigeration, and autoclaving. These dispensers can simplify antibiotic test procedures and also save time. They are commonly used in clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories.

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BD is a medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public.

Northeast Laboratory Services

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Northeast Laboratory Services is a full-service, accredited laboratory providing a wide range of environmental analytical chemistry and microbiology testing services, and manufactured microbiological prepared media products.

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