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Smoke Evacuation Systems, Surgical

Definition : Smoke evacuation systems designed to capture smoke generated during open-surgical procedures (e.g., laser surgery, electrocautery, electrosurgery) in which there is tissue ablation. These systems capture the plume (smoke composed of carbonized cell fragments, water vapor, and hydrocarbons) from vaporized tissue near its origin before it becomes air-dispersed and deposits in the respiratory tracts of the surgical team. Surgical smoke evacuation systems consist of a single-use or reusable capture tube or wand and four elements to evacuate surgical smoke: user interface, filters, suction source, and exhaust; they are used to minimize staff exposure and reduce potential health risks to create a more comfortable working environment. Some systems are also used during closed-surgical procedures (e.g., endoscopy, laparoscopy).

Entry Terms : "Smoke Evacuation Systems, Electrosurgical" , "Smoke Evacuation Systems, Laser" , "Laser Smoke Evacuation Systems" , "Evacuators"

UMDC code : 16262


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