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Flowmeters, Blood, Radioactive Tracer, Cerebral Xenon Clearance

Definition : Blood flowmeters designed to assess regional cerebral hemodynamics by measuring the concentration changes of a radioactive xenon tracer (e.g., Xe-127, Xe-133) previously administered either by inhalation or by intravenous injection. These units typically consist of a set of scintillation detectors, controls, computerized circuits, and a display that shows numerical and graphical results (e.g., the xenon clearance curve). The results (e.g., the cortical and deep brain tissue blood flow) are automatically calculated from the clearance curve. Xenon clearance cerebral blood flow evaluations are used to assess cerebrovascular disease, head trauma, epilepsy, stroke, and other pathological conditions in the fields of neurology and psychiatry.

Entry Terms : "Xenon Clearance Blood Flowmeters, Cerebral" , "Radioactive Tracer Blood Flowmeters, Cerebral" , "Cerebral Blood-Flow Measurement Units, Xenon Clearance" , "Intracranial Blood Flowmeters"

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