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Prostheses, Breast Nipple, External

Definition : External breast prostheses designed for replacement of the nipple and/or areola. These prostheses are typically manufactured so that they may be attached to the body with appropriate adhesives or worn inside a brassiere. Breast nipple prostheses are made of materials such as silicone, polyurethane, and/or foam in a range of sizes and shapes; custom-made nipples can match the size, shape, color, and firmness of the natural nipples. Nipple prostheses are frequently used after breast surgery to restore a woman's body image.

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American Breast Care

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Customer feedback leads to the creation of the patented designs of the Massage Form Super Soft and Massage Form Shaper.

Custom Prosthetic Designs Inc

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Mr. Robert Barron, formerly with the Central Intelligence Agency, gained renown recognition for creating highly sophisticated undetectable disguises for secret agents

Jodee Inc

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Mastectomy Bras by Jodee - A place for mastectomy bras, mastectomy breast forms, mastectomy swimwear,silicone forms and many other hard to find products. Jodee have manufactured and sold millions of mastectomy bras, and know that the right bra and breast form not only restore balance and assure a comfortable fit, but also fulfill an emotional need.... and our people care ! Our trained Fitting Counselors can answer all your questions. They understand your physical and emotional needs. They can help you get the right fit, the right bra and the right breast form .

Surgical Appliance Industries (SAI)

Company Type: Parent

Surgical Appliance Industries (SAI) got its start in 1893, founded as the Ohio Truss Company ("OTC"), by Joel Adams and his son-in-law Isaac Pease. The two had become partners some years earlier by manufacturing livery items like leather saddles and bridles and selling them in the bustling Port of Cincinnati to settlers on their way west. However, the advent of the automobile meant the end of the line for many businesses like this.

1-4 of 4 Match(es).