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Stimulators, Electrical, Auditory, Cochlear

Definition : Auditory electrical stimulators designed to apply electrical stimuli containing sound information to the cochlea. These stimulators consist of an electrode array that is surgically implanted in one cochlea; a receiver that is implanted in the skull near the ear and connected to the electrode array; and a speech processor, including a microphone and a transmitter, that is worn externally. The microphone picks up sound from the environment and transduces it into electrical signals, and then a speech processor reconfigures the signal and delivers it to the transmitter and to the implanted receiver which in turn stimulates the cochlea through the electrode array. Cochlear auditory stimulators are used for the partial restoration of auditory sensation to profoundly deaf patients (typically more than 90 dB hearing loss).

Entry Terms : "Cochlear Stimulators" , "Cochlear Implants" , "Electrodes, Cochlear Implant" , "Stimulators, Cochlear" , "Speech Processors" , "Prostheses, Cochlear"

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