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Stimulators, Electrical, Neuromuscular, Bladder/Bowel Evacuation

Definition : Neuromuscular electrical stimulators used to facilitate emptying of the urinary bladder and/or the bowels, typically by applying stimuli to the cone-shaped end of the spinal cord (conus medullaris). Most of these stimulators consist of an implanted receiver with electrodes placed around the patient's sacral spinal nerve roots and an external transmitter for sending the stimulating pulses transcutaneously to the implanted receiver. Some of these devices can tune the controller to activate erection in men by stimulating a particular pair of nerve roots without bladder contraction. Bladder/bowel evacuation stimulators are used in paraplegic patients who have complete transection of the spinal cord and who are unable to empty their urinary bladder and/or bowels by reflex means or by the use of catheters.

Entry Terms : "Bowel Stimulators" , "Stimulators, Bowel" , "Bladder Stimulators" , "Urinary Stimulators" , "Stimulators, Urinary" , "Spinal Cord Stimulators" , "Pacemakers, Bladder" , "Stimulators, Spinal Cord" , "Stimulators, Bladder"

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Avery Biomedical Devices Inc

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ABD and its predecessors have been registered with and inspected by the US Food & Drug Administration since 1976. Our original breathing pacemaker system received premarket approval status from the FDA immediately upon requirement in 1986, with the latest modifications approved in March 2003. FDA premarket approval is required before Class III medical devices can be commercially distributed in the United States. The Avery Breathing Pacemaker System is the only device with such approval.

Medtronic Inc

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At Medtronic, we're changing the face of chronic disease. By working closely with physicians around the world, we create therapies to help patients do things they never thought possible.

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