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Definition : Furniture consisting of a series of units (e.g., cabinets, shelves, racks) that are assembled or combined to provide the user with an interior storage space. This furniture is usually constructed using thicker panels and specialized surface finishes that may be different from those used in domestic cabinetry; casework is frequently fixed to the walls, floor, or both. Casework is typically installed in such a manner that inside access is easy and the space required for the furniture is minimized while the storage area is maximized; casework may also provide working surfaces. Casework is typically designed to cover the needs of an entire area of a healthcare facility, such as clinical laboratories, nursing stations, pharmacies, and kitchens but can be designed for special functions/spaces as needed.

Entry Terms : "Wood Casework" , "Plastic Laminate Casework" , "Metal Casework" , "Shelves" , "Tops"

UMDC code : 15895

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