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Definition : Mobile equipment designed for transportation, storage, organization, and distribution (supply) of a variety of products, materials, and devices. Carts typically consist of either an open or closed (cabinet-like) structure that may include shelves, drawers, boxes, and/or compartments. They are mounted on medium or large (usually at least 7.5 cm/3 in) wheel casters to facilitate their mobility through the healthcare facility. The configuration, size, strength, and materials used to manufacture the carts (e.g., solid metal, wire, hard plastic) should be appropriate for the intended use; carts are usually moved manually but electrically (battery) operated carts are also available. Most carts are used in healthcare facilities for the storage and transport of medical devices, drugs, utensils, and food from a central location (e.g., central supply) to the area of use or are used inside a department or area of the facility. They are also used to facilitate the performance of medical treatments and/or associated procedures (e.g., anesthesia, resuscitation, endoscopy) and for the general transport of chemicals, ancillary devices, and miscellaneous materials. Some carts may be used for the filing and transport of documents such as medical and/or administrative records and cards. Dedicated carts intended for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environments are also available. Mobile cabinets and/or racks with small wheels (typically a diameter of 5 cm/2 in or less) intended to facilitate their location inside a room are not considered carts.

Entry Terms : "Carts, Other" , "Handtrucks" , "Hand Trucks" , "Trolleys"

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