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Timers, Apgar Scoring

Definition : Timers designed to produce audible signals (e.g., a beep) at predetermined intervals (typically 1, 5, and 10 minutes) after a baby is born to indicate to the healthcare providers that assessments of the health status of the baby should be performed. The timer is usually set when the baby is born, and a health status assessment (known as Apgar score) of appearance (color), pulse, grimace (reflex), activity (muscle tone), and respiration (breathing) is performed, each in a scale of 0 to 2 for a maximum value of 10. These instruments typically consist of a mechanical or electronic timer with a display and a sound generator; some devices include a recorder to store the birth time and the values of the Apgar score. Assessments are performed following the timer beeps. Apgar score timers are intended to facilitate the evaluation of the health status of a newborn.

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