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Traction Units, Static

Definition : Traction units designed to apply constant traction forces by means of harnesses attached to a particular site of the patient anatomy (e.g., cervical or lumbar vertebrae, extremities) and hanging weights or other nonpowered techniques. These units typically consist of several specialized harnesses, a combination of pulleys and cords, and, frequently, a set of weights that hang from cords as the source of the traction force (other systems, including some devices that use the patient's own weight as the source of the traction force, are also available). Adjustable spreader bars may be used to vary the angle at which the cord applies the traction. Static traction units are used in several orthopedic and/or physical therapy procedures. These units can provide only a continuous (i.e., static) mode of operation in which fixed forces are applied for the duration of the procedure, limiting the capabilities of the system. They are available in configurations that allow the unit to be either wall mounted for vertical cervical traction (with patients usually seated on a chair) or attached to a table for horizontal cervical and lumbar traction (i.e., universal models), with patients lying on traction tables.

UMDC code : 15607

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