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Definition : Cylindrical containers with no handles that usually have a wide mouth and a lid. These devices are either disposable (i.e., single-use) or reusable containers made of plastic, glass, porcelain, or metal; the lid may be made of the same or different material or a combination of materials (e.g., glass container and a stainless steel lid); they are supplied in a variety of sizes according to the dimensions and/or use of the objects to be preserved. Jars are typically used as clean containers to store disposable instruments (e.g., blades, applicators, tongue depressors) and/or other products (e.g., dressings) that are frequently used in diagnostic, treatment, and/or surgical procedures performed in hospitals, doctors' offices, and at home, minimizing the possibility of contamination.

Entry Terms : "Containers"

UMDC code : 15586

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