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Definition : Devices consisting of electrical conductors, usually metallic, that are designed to transmit electrical signals to and/or from an instrument, equipment, or system. Electrodes used in healthcare include a great variety of reusable and/or disposable devices according to the intended application. They include electrodes used to: (1) detect and transmit bioelectric (e.g., electrocardiography, electroencephalography, electromyography) signals from the human body; (2) provide electric stimuli to the body (e.g., defibrillator, pacemaker, neuromuscular stimulation); (3) perform electrosurgery; and (4) perform in-vitro diagnosis (e.g., blood gas, pH) analysis. Some electrodes may be intended for a combination of different uses (e.g., electrocardiography and pacing). Dedicated electrodes intended for one or several types of healthcare applications are available; specific types of electrodes can be classified based on the particular characteristics of the signal to be detected and/or measured, the stimuli to be delivered, or the environment existing during the procedure.

Entry Terms : "Needles, Electroencephalographic" , "Needles, Electrode" , "Monitoring Electrodes"

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