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Detectors, Metallic Foreign Body

Definition : Detectors designed to locate a metallic foreign object in a patient's body. These detectors are typically handheld units that use one of several techniques (e.g., tuned oscillators, low-intensity electromagnetic fields); dedicated devices are available to locate only ferromagnetic metals and/or discriminate between ferromagnetic and nonferromagnetic metals. They facilitate the identification and removal of foreign bodies that entered the patient accidentally (e.g., ingested objects, bullet fragments), were implanted (e.g., prosthesis), or were inadvertently left in the patient (e.g., following surgery). Some detectors (i.e., photographic metal detectors) can be coupled to imaging systems to provide an image of the foreign body and the surrounding tissue that resembles a radiographic image taken with a conventional x-ray unit. Metallic foreign-body detectors are typically used to facilitate the extraction of foreign objects and/or to detect objects before a magnetic resonance imaging scan.

Entry Terms : "Metal Locators, Foreign Body" , "Metal Detectors, Photographic" , "Metallic Foreign Body Detectors" , "Metal Detectors"

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