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Incubators, Laboratory, Test Tube

Definition : Laboratory incubators designed to provide appropriate temperature (typically 37 degrees Celsius/98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to test tubes placed either on top of or partially introduced into the incubator. These incubators typically consist of an electronic unit with appropriate heaters to provide dry heat; temperature controls; and a display to show the temperature values. They also include a metallic block that holds the test tubes and/or other small containers in a vertical position. Also available are dedicated stationary test tube incubators used in blood banks/clinical laboratories and portable incubators intended mainly for field use.

Entry Terms : "Dry Bath Test Tube Incubators" , "Dry Block Test Tube Incubators" , "Incubators, Test Tube" , "Test Tube Incubators"

UMDC code : 15327

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